TLAFC Groups and Healing Circles

Aboriginal Recovery and Wellness Group

This group aims to support Aboriginal people who are in recovery from substance abuse. Group topics vary but often include discussions about relationships, self-esteem, boundaries, communication, co-dependency and anger to name a few. Pipe ceremonies, medicine wheel teachings and sweats can also be included. Please call 250-753-6578 for times and information.

Cross Cultural Training Workshops

Tillicum Lelum will cater and deliver cross-cultural sensitivity/awareness training workshops to businesses and organizations in the community as requested. For information or requests contact 250-753-4417.

Father's Circle of Friends  

This is a group that meets on Saturdays for five hours at the Health Centre. Offers support to fathers in their parenting journey by promoting the development of self-esteem through a holistic approach and including the practice of traditional activities. Provides an environment for peer support and the opportunity to meet other dads and create a network of mentorship between fathers. Children are a part of the group and hands on parenting skills are provided. For information please call 250-753-6578.

Girl Power

Girls empowerment group for girls ages 12-16 to assist in healthy lifestyle choices, addressing cliques, bullying, oppression, personal wellness and responsibility through activities, crafts and interaction in a supportive environment. For more information call 250-753-6578 .

Men’s Support Group

This is a group for men of all ages who have been to, or impacted by trauma. This group offers support to men who wish to begin or revisit their healing journey by providing resources and information on relationships, addictions, anger and more. For further information please call 250-753-6578.

Moms, Dads and Babes Group

This is a drop in group for parents with babies aged birth to 6 months. The group is a place to meet other parents, learn more about active parenting, play, child development and finding the parent supports that you need. Peer support is a primary component of this group and a nurse is available to answer your questions. Please call 250-753-6578 for information.

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Prenatal Classes

Our prenatal classes offer participants the opportunity to meet other families expecting babies. Participants learn about healthy choices for pregnancy, birth and bringing home their babies. Topics include preparation and options for labour & delivery, doula support, comfort measures, breastfeeding and early infant development. We also provide food vouchers and vitamins for mom and transportation and childminding for mom and her support people. Referrals are not necessary and there is no charge for services. For further information please call the Health Centre at 250-753-6578.

Rediscovering Spirit: An Empowerment Workshop

Tillicum Lelum offers a variety of workshops which can be catered to different needs and different groups. These workshops aim to encourage the personal growth and development of attendees in a culturally supportive holistic atmosphere. For a more comprehensive description of the workshops that are available, please contact 250-753-4417 or 250-753-8291 for more information.


Traditional sweats are offered bi-weekly throughout the year. Rides are available for those who wish to attend. For information please call 250-753-6578.

Women’s Support Group

This is a group for women who have been impacted by the effects of residential school violence, multigenerational trauma, domestic violence and trauma. This group offers support and education to women who want to move beyond the pain of historical abuse. Women requiring support and knowledge to appropriately address anger when triggered by traumatic events in their past or present life will meet weekly to practice and discuss healthy ways of dealing with emotions. Phone 250-753-6578 for more information.

Young Moms Group

This is a group of young Moms (under 25) that meets Tuesdays from 2:30-4:30 to focus on what is important to them: healthy relationships, self-care, sexual health, budgeting, parenting tips, bullying, gossip and more! Call 250-716-3438 for more information.

Youth Peer Counselling Support Group

This group is for youth between the ages of 15-29 years of age. The group involves Talking Circles and discussions about topics such as boundaries, relationships and stress. For more information please call 250-753-4417.